VCAT + Cranial Magnetic Therapy (CMT)

VCAT + Cranial Magnetic Therapy (CMT)

According to the study conducted by Dr. Nader Siahdohoni (2011) , including current and previous research and evidence-based studies systematic visual brain stimulation through Visual Field (serial, parallel, peripheral and selective attention stimulation built in VCAT’s visual field Treatment Plan) triggers neural network excitability in underactive areas of the brain initiating action potential, discharge of neurotransmitters, and increased blood flow throughout the brain’s stimulated areas leading to higher plasticity.

VCAT and VCAT’s self-stimulatory neural exercising system creates the ability for the brain to generate new pathways, connections, higher functioning and balance in under and or overactive areas of the brain. VCAT + CMT as a magnetic neural stimulator is based on magnetic principles of FDA cleared non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) devices without an induced external electrical current. VCAT+CMT headset works as a neural magnetic field extension to VCAT neuropathway treatment.

The combined use of these two neural network stimulators is assumed to empower and expand brain’s electromagnetic field driven from vastly neurons activities to other targeted areas of the brain enabling higher connectivity, communication, and functioning at a cellular level within neural networks in specific region of the brain. VCAT+ CMT has been researched by Dr. Nader Siahdohoni (2018), which has shown significant improvement of co-occurring symptoms in depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance and or alcohol addiction in adults with such dual diagnosis and disorders who were not responsive to medication and or psychotherapy.

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