Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT)

Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT)

VCAT as a Neuropathway
Therapy interacts directly with the overall brain’s functioning system through neurocognitive stimulation within Visual Field (VF) to the brain’s malfunctioning areas (overactive, underactive, non-active) to stimulate:

  • balance: enhancing and balancing the brain’s chemical imbalance and the firing rate of its neurons-brain waves)
  • increase plasticity: creating a healthy mental environment throughout the brain-increasing healthy blood flow-nutrition and oxygen
  • rejuvenation: new pathways, connections, and Neurogenesis
  • regulation: homeostasis- brain’s ability to maintain its new healthy and enhanced neural functioning system.


VCAT is neuroscience and research based neuropathway therapy- it can be seen as physical therapy for your neurons, which stimulate the brain cells (neurons) visually and neurocognitvely in an systematic approach to create new and stronger connections (Neurogenesis). Neurogenesis (the process by which new neurons are formed) happens through the regular exercising of VCAT- rewiring the brain and increasing mental and cognitive functioning within your brain functioning system. Imaging exercising and flexing your muscles to maintain healthy toned muscle, so you can do with your brain cells to increase plasticity and maintain healthy neural functioning.

Muscle is made up of muscle tissue, which is muscle cells grouped into elastic bundles, that contract together to produce motion and/or force. Exercising your muscles on a regular base increases oxygenated blood blow throughout your muscles and supplies nutrients to your muscle tissues enhancing functioning and growth. Same principles with your brain functioning system, your brain is made up of soft tissue called grey matter and white matter, which contain neurons and other cells (called glial cells). VCAT neuropathway therapy stimulates this system visually through visual field using systematic visual filed templates based on science of brain lateralization as well as mentally through the science of neurocognitve principles. Like exercising your healthy strong muscles, exercising and flexing your brain cells (neurons) with VCAT helps to enhance brain’s plasticity by building stronger connections, communications, and functioning within your brains’ neural networks (Neurogenesis).

VCAT is the most precise treatment plan for improving symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictions, schizophrenia, ADHD, and overall mental and cognitive health. VCAT is safe, fast, and has the major benefit of being drug free.





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