Cognitive Functioning

Cognitive Functioning

Cognitive functions, also called cognitive abilities or cognitive capacities, are brain-based skills which are needed in acquisition of knowledge, manipulation of information and reasoning. They have more to do with the mechanisms of how people learn, remember, solve problems and pay attention, rather than with actual knowledge. Cognitive skills or functions encompass the domains of perception, attention, memory, learning, decision making, and language abilities.

Brain-imaging, brain mapping (EEG/QEEG), and neuropsychological studies have shown that repeated drug use causes disruptions in the brain's highly evolved frontal cortex, which regulates cognitive activities such as decision-making, response inhibition, planning and memory. Chronic use of drugs or alcohol it can lead to changes in the brain functioning and its chemicals, which can lead to mental health issues including paranoia, depression, anxiety, aggression, hallucinations, and other problems.

VCAT Treatment Plan targets all the area of the brain through the visual field, specially the area of frontal and temporal lobes. It stimulates neurons and raises the beta waves in all area for higher functioning and plasticity leading to possible memory improvement and delay in onset of neural network deterioration.

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